Bucket range Robust U

Bucket range Robust U

Bucket range.Robust.Practical. Clever

The right shovel for every situation – versatile and sturdy design:

  • Extremely robust, low wear and low weight thanks to the use of fine grain steel.
  • Makes light work of even sticky goods thanks to its tapered form that opens to the blade.
  • The cutting edge can withstand the toughest demands – day after day, year after year.


For universal, light to medium duty.

Cutting edge with a BRINELL 500 hardness

ROBUST U is a range of buckets for universal use on farms. The ROBUST U buckets in this new STOLL series are designed for light to medium-duty applications. The dimensions of the side profile, depth of the table, volumes, etc. are identical to those of the ROBUST S series.

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